Smart Growth For Private Businesses Week 1 – Reading



The research on high-performance companies both public and private, demonstrates that consistent value creation requires a focused strategy that is implemented through a mixture of entrepreneurial activities and exploiting activities enabled by an internal system characterized by values-based (ethical) leadership,culture, and policies.

Growth happens when the right kind of leadership, internal environment, and processes come together to
create a small-company-entrepreneurial soul in a large-company body. Growth requires
experimental processes, an entrepreneurial mindset, iterative entrepreneurial learning, leadership
that accepts entrepreneurial failures, and internal processes that mitigate the natural proclivities
of human beings and organizations that inhibit growth

the DNA of consistent growth or value-creating companies, and it appears that those defining characteristics apply to both public and private companies. The DNA of consistent value creation is made up of:

  • Simple, focused strategies
  • Structures that enable entrepreneurial behaviours with customers
  • Business purpose and meaning (values) above and beyond just creating shareholder value
  • Relentless, constant improvement
  • High employee engagement and high accountability
  • Humble, passionate, values-based leaders
  • Execution excellence 继续阅读: %s

Smart Growth For Private Businesses — Week 1

The “Truth” About Growth

The Myths About Growth:

  • All growth is good.
  • Bigger is always better.
  •  Businesses must “grow or die.”

The Truth

  1. Stress quality controls
  2. Stress financial controls
  3. Dilute one’s customer value proposition
  4. Dilute one’s culture
  5. Put one in a different competitive space

the bigger, the more bureaucratic and complex.Complexity may exceed management capabilities and experience.
A business must only increase revenue in pace with cost increases. 继续阅读: %s