MongoDB 基础

Getting Started

install on windows
install on Mac
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Mongoose Interacting with Data – CRUD

Model methods and instance methods

So what do we mean by model methods? Well, if we have a model called User, some of the methods provided by Mongoose are User.create, User.find, User.update, and User.remove. The method names may be slightly different, but out of the box we’ve got methods for all four CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations right there.
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mongoose 建立数据库连接

mongooose is a mongodb object modeling for node.js

  • monggose.connect
  • createConnection
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    MongoDB 学习资源


    MongoDB For Beginners: Introduction And Installation

    MongoDB 的基本操作(Add,update,delete)

    Getting Started with MongoDB


    Getting Started with MongoDB

    NodeJS 下的MongoDB model – mongoose

    mongoose quick start

    mongoose guide

    Mongoose Start Guide